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Friday, August 25, 2006

The End of the World

When I was young I thought I will live till the year 1996.
These thoughts started 1992 in a classroom with intelligent pupils and a talented storyteller…the religion teacher describing the horrific and shocking scenes of the final years of earth.
I believed in every word he said and the pictures of this day that I have imagined never came out of my mind.
I thought at that time that I will face that day…that I will experience every event of it.
The year 1996 came and I did not die…and I was happy… almost.
I tried to forget the possibility of facing my death through Armageddon…I even told myself that if it is going to happen in this century …it will happen after I die.
Surprisingly I am asking myself this question today: Am I going to see the end of days…is this the beginning of the final part of human history? The nature and human violence are playing the apocalyptical symphony of life…there is destruction all around the world…and people are racing to put their signature on the contract of “The End “.
First there is Palestine, and then Iraq, Lebanon, Syria …then Iran, America, Russia…then Korea, Japan, China and finally all will collide…or should we call it the war between the New Moslems and the 3rd generation of powerful Jews…which will be opened with a ceremony by Iran …or maybe the US will take the first step…
They taught me that there are small signs and big signs of the end of the world…and that all small signs do exist…almost.
I went to school…I studied hard…I tried to get the best marks…I wanted to go to the best university…I joined the best faculty…I studied for many years to graduate and to start my new job…I wanted to have a beautiful wife and beautiful children …I wanted to taste the ecstasy of sex…I wanted to have a house with a garden full of red and white roses…I wanted to do the Hajj and see my grandchildren grow…all what I have done were for nothing…should I begin to enjoy my life as much as I can…but it seems that it will never happen…planet earth will never see a peaceful day anymore.
The leaders know that this may lead to the World War III … but they do not care…they are like children…each kid is saying that the other kid took the toy from him…that the other kid touched him or spoke to him in a bad way...
After the Friday prayer I told Fufo El Masry: I think that the end of days may take 100 or 500 years to come…or maybe more.
He told me: this is just the beginning…each event will happen so fast…one after the other …that you will think it is just happening in one single day…yalla 2el7a2 etgawez.
For me this was not a funny joke…and after I left him on my way home with the bicycle…a car came and just hit me but I jumped from the bicycle and fell on the street…I do not remember what happened...I was injured …bruises in my arms and legs…people helped me to go home.
At that moment I remembered my last do3a2 in the prayer when I asked god for forgiveness and that I wish to go to heaven…I have made a lot of mistakes and very bad things in my life…this could have been my last words…this could have been my last day of life…this could have been the end of my world


MechanicalCrowds said...

Humanity has been through so much. I am sure during all the world wars and even before someone was preaching that the end of time is near. There is no basis, no proof like the Pythagorean Theorem for example (which has many proofs).

So don't worry ;).

WS said...

death,death,death...thank you,I will not worry

Jannah said...

I know your post was about your feelings towards your end...

But I just dropped a book about Armeggadon... 1996 was just the beginning!!

as your friend said it'll all happen so fast. The book was published 2001 before the American war on Iraq, and the author said the next step now will be a war on Iraq from somewhere in "elroom", and that took place in 2002!

Armeggadon started, it's a series of wars... so I'm sure either us or our children will live to see the war.

For more info you can email me, and I'll send you confidential info about the series of events inshAllah.

WS said...

Ok,I will e-mail you isa.

WS said...

Ok,I will e-mail you isa.