Wednesday, August 16, 2006


To live here is like living in a lego land...everything is in order...everything is nice...everything is beautiful...the streets...the cars...I can finally breathe fresh I can work...I can concentrate...I can be productive...I can be creative...I can meditate...I can enjoy and live the real life...
I do not understand what we are doing in us us...and people here are developing themselves and enjoying their lives...are we crazy...I am sad that we are wasting our present time in self-destruction...and blaming our Gogo and Popo that they are the obstacle...if we really want to do something we can do it right now...the problem is...that when we do it...we do it in small groups...or as individuals...we have to do it together...and to have no fear...
we do not need to wait and get orders from Gogo or Popo or Momo...we do not need to have permission from Gogo or Popo or Momo...cause they do not exist...they are "us"and we have made them...we are just running in a vicious circle...hello...wake up...and just do what you want to do...cause this is how a revolution starts

could we have some style and beauty in our houses and buildings

could egypt be green like that

the nile shore...could it be like that

could we learn how to behave and to have some discipline

could we find real love in education and innovation

could we have a university like that

could I have a nice view from my window like that

or should I just wait for heaven


WS said...

you are right...and because we do not have honest sincere momo and gogo we have to do it alone...if we think it is right we can do it for you do when you want to clean a do not have to ask for permission to do it...altough popo could come and end all your effort...but all the people will stand by your side...because they know that it is for the good of our country...hmmm...but maybe they won't...because they still have FEAR

Lazarus said...

eh ya gama3a, 3eb keda. e7na Masr om El dony, 7adara 10'000. Nothing much to be said. Check the pictures of Egypt in the 40s and 50s. Ask your grandparents about how was it. We are moving towards a worse future. :(((

WS said...

do you really think that we are moving towards a worse future?if that is true what can we do?

Jannah said...

Waiting for someone else to fix the country isn't a solution!

All I ask is for Egyptians to DRIVE safely! Who needs momo or gogo to teach you how to drive properly????? I am SICK of men trying to crash my car, and sick of their awefully foul language... do we need a popo to teach us to use a decent language?? Now I know my solution, when I treat them indecently they treat me like a queen. Today was the first driving day where everyone respected me, coz I was rough too, howa enta bs elly 3andak benzene !!!

**Umm sorry I went offpoint I just had an awefully rough driving day lol**
Here's my comment:

I agree that the solution starts from within the people... we have tons of habits that are possible to change inshAllah instead of sitting around and blaming the big guys.


WS said...

I have to learn how to drive,I do not know if I am going to drive a car in Egypt,I do not think so,I need to learn some shatayem gamda before I drive in Egypt.
Yes we have tons of bad habits that have to be canged,but these habits are in our blood now,what we need to do is to change this blood with new blood,but it will cost a lot of money and will take a long time,so it is better to kill ourselves

Jannah said...

3ein el 3a2l!

bent abdelwahab said...

One of my favorite posts by you went like that..
سهل نغير حكام
صعب نغير شعوب
سهل نغير قوانين
صعب نغير عادات
سهل نغير سياسات
صعب نغير عقول
على إيه؟
ده الزمن واحد
و العمر واحد
و الرب واحد

You were so right then, and you are so right now. To answer your last question, at my age , I think that I'll have to wait for heaven!

WS said...

you are still young,Hope...I hope you will see that day when everything is ok.