EgypToz: Loosing my Religion

Monday, September 04, 2006

Loosing my Religion

You do masturbate in the bathroom because the door has a locker and you have constipation.
You do not go to college with a galabeya because we wear trousers.

You do not marry with the age of 18 because you are still a kid.
You do not talk to a strange girl in a bus because you are not a psycho.
You do not work for 1 year or more after high school because you have to go immediately and automatically to a college.
You do pray in a mosque because it is Ramadan or because you have exams.
You shave your beard because you have a job interview.
You do not go to a wedding party with a t-shirt on because you are not poor.
You give this guy the job because he is a son of your friend and you will need him one day.
You do not go to another place on earth because you have been born in a place called Egypt.
You do not have two or three wives because you do not have money.
You hate Israelis because they are Jews and all Jews are bad people.
You do not vote because it is better and easier to be passive.
You do not visit your neighbor without an appointment because he may be wearing a pajama.
You do marry a virgin because you want your penis to be the first one to enter the vagina. We have made a mixture of religion and tradition that really works…at least in our country.
We are killing ourselves to show the others the mercy of Islam…and we are not mercy to each other.
We are killing ourselves to teach the others the forgiveness of Islam…and we are not forgivable.
We are killing ourselves to enlighten the others about the peace of Islam…and we do not have the pursuit for peace.
We are killing ourselves to underline the fact that we are tolerant...and we do not tolerate the others or each other.

We are using parts of our religion in a way to reach our goals.

In a country named Egypt tradition plays the main role in our lives…it is so sweet like chocolate cake…but we like to put a white cream on the top of it to make it look nice…and delicious…so you have to eat it in one bite.
We do not have to beg the others to understand Islam…because we are the broken mirror of Islam ” please understand us…please listen to us…we are not terrorists…wallahy we are not fanatics…nia nia nia…bla bla bla …hello…hey…look at us…we are good…our religion is really really good…it is wonderful…it is magic…you just have to convert to Islam and you will see…I promise…"

I am living in a country where more than 70% of its citizens are atheists…and they are on the A list of most economically developed countries…which has one of the most respectable democracies…freedom… and lack of corruption.
We just say:“ well…the day will come when they go down and one day most of them will face their awful destination”…but they are enjoying their time and we are getting more and more depressed. Are we the winners because we are struggling?

Our religion has become an obstacle rather than guidance. Our religion has become an adjective for a whole nation and not a secretive belief for individuals.
My religion has become more important for you than yours. I do not want anyone to ask me…what my religion is…because this is not your business.


Anonymous said...

what is the country that u live in where 70% citizens are atheist?

Anonymous said...

i'm just curious, what is that country that has such a high number of atheist?

WS said...

i'm also curious why you are curious to know? well,it is not only in one country,but in many countries in Europe,among the youth and in wealthy communities.