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Saturday, July 15, 2006


This was my first post in this blogspot I did not publish

I am sitting alone in this old apartment, with cracked walls, the light of an old lamp, the smell of ashes and the coldness of winter thinking what to do with my paradoxical life.
I am almost dead in this only life I have. I wish to live it from the start again.I have forgotten the way of laugh. I have been a companion of tears. I have been a slave of my community. I have been a project for my family. I have chosen all the difficult choices in life. I am begging for love. I have not found my other side. I want to take a rest from living. I hope to rejoin the pureness of my spirit. I want to prepare myself for sudden death. I am not living the real reality. I understand the truth of life.I am an alien in this room.


Anonymous said...

Life is depressing. But we have to benefit from our bad experience and get over our sorrows.

Anonymous said...

where are you?

if you plan to close this, at least tell us


WS said...


9h said...

and the counting down is done

WS said...

yeah...after 3 years