EgypToz: B for B**N

Friday, July 14, 2006

B for B**N

Blog is a big conspiracy.
A cyber world you can cherish with the illusion of doing important and precious things, an empty space you can fill it with your thoughts, a hidden monopolistic communication for your own satisfaction, a misconception of self resurrection and an explosion of necessary and unnecessary opinions.
For me blogging started as an intrapersonal rather than an interpersonal dialogue-why I do not feel comfortable with my situation in life, to organize my mishmash ideas and conclusions, to heal my pessimistic vision and to entertain myself with the adventurous process of blogging.
I discovered that I could have been a totally different person if I were not living in this place and time.
Am I going to be the one I wished and intended to be if I really succeeded in changing myself in the same unchangeable time and place?
Anyway blogging is a misleading sign of improvement, a waste of time and a slow down in real self development.



Anonymous said...

I don't think so.

WS said...

...when bloggers change something crucial in life ... I may then change "B for *DA*" to "B for Believe"