EgypToz: Escape from Egypt

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Escape from Egypt

Dear mother,dear father,dear family,dear everyone

You all know what I have done to leave Egypt
I never believed in bad luck but that could be the headline of my first week.
I do not want to live on planet earth anymore.

1 The room is very hot ( like a sauna ) and the temperature outside is already 39
Michael told me it could be the effect of the heater of the whole building ,which is located downstairs.
2 The room is on ground zero ,which means anyone can see what is happening inside,they can see me while changing my clothes,they can see me eating and they can see me while I am sleeping
3 All the day the sun is shinig directly in my room which rises the temperature of the room to 45 , so I am sweating all the day .I tried to solve this problem by living with only my boxers on ,but all night I have to wake up evey hour to wash my face and body.
4 One of the biggest problems is this metallic thing they have put outside the window to prevent anyone entering the room,as a security safety,and it is like the door of a garage ,there are some small holes to let some air come inside the room,but all day and night the wind makes this metallic thing move which makes a very loud annoying noise .I can not stand that anymore.Even when I tried to close it completly , I could not breathe ,the room is very dark and it still makes that noise.
5 The fridge does not have a freezer ,and this is my major problem here ,because the only thing I eat here are fish fingers,ice cream and frozen vegetables,and I have to put these things in the freezer,Michael told me they never had that problem and that I have to buy my food everyday from the supermarket but even so I can not eat all the package of fish,ice cream or vegetables in one day , and you can not imagine how hot the weather is, I need to put my drinks in the freezer.
6 The bathroom does not have a lock,well it is not that big issue if someone enters the bathroom while I am taking a bath.
7 Although the room is very big but I feel it is very empty,very depressing and very dark.I do not enjoy a second in this room.
8 In all these coming events you have to put in your mind that the weather was horrible and hot like hell and that the sun was shining all the day long burning my skin and boiling my head.
As you know I wanted to buy a bicycle because the tram and buses are very expensive,to go anywhere I have to pay for every ride 2 euros ,which means approximately 15 pounds,and everyday I need to go from home to the place I work ,then to downtown,then back home,that means 45 pounds traffic a day,and on fridays I have to go from home to work,then to downtown,then to the mosque at the border of the city,then back to downtown,and then back home,that means 75 pounds traffic,so I went to search for a cheap bicycle,but all bicycles they sell are very expensive,100 euros ,80 euros,130 euros,and all the day I was searching in this hot weather with record temperature,until I have found someone in the end of downtown selling a bicycle with 50 euros,so I took it from him with 40 euros,then after 2 minutes there was no air in the back wheel,so I walked back to him,he fixed it and I drove heading home which is located 7 km from the shop.On my way back the back wheel was empty again of air.I did not know what to do so I walked with the bicycle the 3 km left back home ,on my way I was searching for someone to repair it but all shops were already closed.The next day I went with it to someone to repair it but he wanted 25 euros,I asked him if he wants to buy my bicycle but he said no.These 2 days I had to use the tram to go to work,and I went to the man who sold me the bicycle and he did not want to give me the 40 euros back till he sees the broken bicycle himself.I then have met a friend of mine which told me that her friend does have an old bicycle which she does not want anymore,so I went with her to her friend,I took the bicycle which was somehow broken,but she told me it is ok ,you just have to drive slowly and nothing will happen,so I thanked them and I drove my way home when the bicycle did not want to work anymore,it was already night and I tried to fix it,but I could not,so I walked with the bicycle 4 km home.On the next day which was friday I tried to fix the bicycle before going to work,and I somehow succeded,but on my way it got broken,so I left it,went to work,and took it after work to someone to fix it,he told me he wants 30 euros,I left it in downtown,took the tram to the mosque,then back to downtown,then to home,took the old bicycle,then took the tram back to downtown,then walked with the bicycle to the man,had with him a little fight,then took the 40 euros back and with the other bicycle to the other man to fix it.He said ok and that I can take it at the end of next week.At that point I collapsed and told him my whole story,I begged him to fix my bicycle but he was cold as stone and did not want to help me.One of the workers saw my tears falling from my eyes like rain so he gave me another bicycle and said I can use it until they finish repairing my bicycle.
9 I have broken my eyeglasses
10 One of my shoes is broken
11 To wash my clothes one time I have to pay 2.5 euros so I decided to wash my clothes by myself
12 All of my friends have their final exams now and no one is free for me
13 Michael will leave after 3 weeks so I will have to live alone which I do not like
14 I can not concentrate in my work at all
15 I do not know what to eat so I am eating Nutella all the day,and I have lost 5 kilos in one week
16 I take a shower sometimes more than 3 times a day
17 Michael is a very nice person who understands all the things I suffer and is trying to help me as far as he can
18 Thank you Michael for the welcome party…your friends are very nice

your son

This was the letter I have written to my family...boing boing boring
by the way...what is the best way to end my life

the welcome party


Anonymous said...

First, I am glad to hear everything is "okay" with you :)

Second, yikes! doesn't sound too much of vacation or whatever.

Third, it will only get easier from here.

Fourth, don't let your health slip. Eat lots of Fish and Chips :) and take that poster down!

Take care Walladshab.

formerly known as el*miro

WS said...

thanks miro ;-)

i am still waiting 4 ur B-address

WS said...

come back??? u know that ana masada't we hagget bara el balad,a2um arga3 tany,no no no