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Friday, June 20, 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class

Sitting in a theatre filled with kids chatting is a nightmare that was defeated by the first minute of an animated movie that was expected to be made for children and turned out to be an intriguing memorable memorandum for all the man kind.

Pixar's WALL.E crossed the boarders of impossibility and created a masterpiece that one can confidently put in the list for the best movies ever is not a story to be told…it is a wondrous journey to the paradise of soul and mind that has to be taken.

After watching one hour of this post-animation movie and realizing that you have forgotten the fact that there was no dialogue in this film…one should immediately consider this a modern Shakespearian poem without words…a Kubrick's recycled "2001" merged with expressionism of emotions from the "Hello,Dolly!" days…a Chaplin's silent satire of human grotesque floating in Axiom's space.

The "Finding Nemo" director succeeded in replacing the lifeless objects mythology with the majestic glory of heartbreaking robotic 'Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator' love…creating visually mesmerizing worlds with spectacular sound effects that need a crystal clear cinema screen to be enjoyed…sensitive ears to be experienced…and a mind that can understand all the existential, philosophical, political and environmental messages hidden inside.

We just needed this apocalyptic experiment to open our eyes to the hell of technology we are living in and to guide our children to a better and smart way of invention…aiming to keep this planet alive.

I am sorry…but you need to watch WALL.E first to make this post comprehensible.

The Cockroach


bea* said...

am just in to give u this face *--^

is this a new movie?

WS said...

yea,it is a new movie :)
and you have to watch it bea*

Anonymous said...

New Movie?? It’s Amazing fantastic hilarious animated movie ever made, I had no chance to watch at the cinema but I have seen it yesterday on my PC.

Really well done Pixar

WS said...


I am sure that this movie is a totally different experience when watched in a theatre and not on PC...especially the scene when wall.e dances with eve in will better feel this wonderful effect in a big dark cinema...anyway...I am happy you liked it.

I will buy the DVD cause it has become one of my favourite movies ever made.
This movie is a so called "perfect movie"...A1.

By the way...there was a scene in this movie where I had to cry...because it was so moving...when eve was watching the night video which recorded the days and nights wall.e was taking care of her while she was off...this was for me a master scene...bravo Pixar.

Am I so sensetive or was this also moving for you?