EgypToz: اللقب : عاهره عذراء

Sunday, June 29, 2008

اللقب : عاهره عذراء

قال كل بت تقول لى هى ما بتاخدش من قدام...بتاخد من ورا بس... ايه القرف ده...اولا عاوز اقول لهم ان دى قذاره و بتاع الواحد يطلع متعاص خره...ثانيا إن ده بينشر امراض خطيره زى الايدز...ثالثا عمليات الترقيع بقت متوفره و رخيصه الوقتى...و بعدين اللى انا اعرفه إن من ورا حرام حرام حرام...ده بقى موضة الصيف ده و الا ايه... يا جماعه الموضوع ده محتاج حمله توعيه عاجله شعاره
ادام آه...ورا لأ


Rain_Drops said...

يا راجل يعني بعد الجرعة الإيمانية بتاعت فرحموت دي تيجي تقول لي حملة قدام آه ورا لأ !! يا عم ما تسيبهم على راحتهم إنشاللا من الجنب

WS said...



حمله قدام آه ورا لأ







انا اسف

Anonymous said...

الفكرة إن فيه حملة تانية مطلقها سيادة الرئيس بتقول
من أدام لأ .. من ورا آه

Rain_Drops said...

أيوا أهي دي الحملات المحترمة ، حملات بتواكب التطور

WS said...

و انا اسفه

Anonymous said...

i think that there is a reason for the logo of that time (from behind)el banat want sex, to feel and experince things that they havent. and at the same time they can't have it legal cause el gawazz wi takalefoooo. so why not just have normal sex, the fact is that 7a yt3rf 3lashan 2y wa7ed medrda7 wi lafef can diffrentiate betwen normaal and tr2y333.
and maybe they are not enjoying it but infact they find it as a temporary relive for the call in their head sex orgasm bla bla bla bla. I pitty them cause they are hopless and i think once they get used to the Behind they will never feel normal again.

I think the campain shouldn't have the name (ادام اة ورا لء) infact it should have a name help those girls before EL DYA333

WS said...


a girl told me b4 en elmawdoo3 dah 3amel zay 3and elwelaad we darb el3ashara,after a long time wiz no gawaz they wanna try somethin but afraid from taqaleed and religion bla bla bla,it is a complicated subject and needs analysis and immediate solutions,u r right,help those girls(and boys),or leave them do what they do we khalas

sex has become a disease in this country