EgypToz: دعوه للتعايش

Monday, April 07, 2008

دعوه للتعايش

فى الزمن ده ما اقدرش الوم البنت لو انحرفت


Anonymous said...

i think da case in this pic isnt as bad as the ones i have to deal with everyday..
and nop..i dont agree with one has any excuse of doing something wrong..regardless of their circumstances ..doing something wrong..

and let me tell ya this,welcome back..seriously!! i managed to read ur previous posts and well i really liked them..
keep up the good work..

WS said...

yeah,thanx alooot anonymooous...but don't ya think it isn't fair when u compare between ppl living in todays circumstances and those who lived back then when alomst everything was ok.

Anonymous said...

hey its me again..i dont think THIS was oky..people got killed or atleast treated like aliens ..not welcomed like they should've been now..
if everyone of them says i feel am a guy/girl inside..and we believed them..well the whole planet will turn like them..i mean we all have our moments..but hello..
but nobody listens.. bea