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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The best place on earth

Meditate…and when you realize that life is not what it looks like, you will believe that you need to leave your residence to have the chance to open your eyes…open your eyes to the truth of coexistence.

Globalization of Ummah.

People with different nationalities, different languages, different traditions and different behavior…yet they all are united in peace.

Even animals are left in peace.

Doves fly all around in full confidence…

Butterflies sit on your shoulder…

…and angels look at you.

A young father, a young mother and a 3 years old boy…the father gives his son money…the boy goes happily to the men in blue and gives each one of them 5 SR.
The men in blue look shyly around them to see if there is a grownup watching the whole scene.

A Turkish man buys two KFC meals…one for himself…and the other meal for 2 men in green from Burma.

The Indian man rushes quickly to help an old Syrian woman carrying her bags.

A man in orange from Pakistan waits utterly professional for an unknown man who is sneezing in a paper towel to finish…so he can open the big plastic bag he is holding with his bare hands all throw the unknown man's towel inside

Everyday when I stand alone under the heat of the sun on the side of the highway…I flex my arm with my thumb up wishing for a taxi to see me.
One day a Mercedes car stops and the man inside asks me: where do you want to go?
I answer: Haram…5 SR.
He smiles and says: Haram yes…but with no money.
I could not believe myself…I feel humbled.
The other day a Cherokee stops and the same scenario happens…and the other day…and so on.

Goodness is deep rooted in the human nature…respect, tolerance and understanding can happen instantly without the need of anything, people just need to forget politics, money and…and…and never talk about religion…because it is this precious thing that is deep seated inside everyone's heart…and comes out in the form of love…the love of everything…it happens simply just like that

It is the time of Iftar…I suddenly find 4 different hands full with food directed towards me…I do not know them and they do not know me…I thank them all and I take the food…it tastes delicious.

A 5 years old girl with a beautiful veil comes then with a cup of Zamzam water…she gives it to me...I drink the water…look to Kaaba…and thank God that I am here…in the best place on earth.


Anonymous said...

that is such a beautiful post, you write so peacefully, masha'Allah, please make duaa for us while you are there!

It's my first Ramadan in Egypt, on my blog I write about how it is here during the holy month, you've inspired me to write about the kindness of people during Ramadan, thank you!:)

WS said...

you are welcome

Unique Muslimah,your detailed description of Ramadan in Egypt is wonderful,and you have really a photographic gift.
I hope you enjoy your time here in Egypt.

You are right,when I came back some people told me that I have changed.I told them " yeah it is true...I was usually depressed,confused and in war with myself...but hamdulellah I finally have found peace.

Yarab,I wanna live and work forever in Mekka.