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Friday, April 06, 2007


Mika is from Lebanon, remember this name, because one day he may be the new superstar of the neo-pop-culture, he is already popular in Europe, and his album with the title “Life in Cartoon Motion” is an obvious proof of his talented skills and a mark of a new genre of pop music he has created.
I first saw him in a concert where there were huge balloons jumping over the head of the audience…I said to myself…wow...what a cool idea to entertain the crowd while singing…and then I heard the songs...and I said yippy.

You will immediately forget the disastrous condition you are living in when you hear the song called “Love Today “…and I am sure you will dance in the middle of Abd El Aziz street shouting with your loudest voice: hey people, look at me, I am absolutely happy, and life is beautiful, and you all have to be happy like me , and let’s move your body baby yeahhooo

Listen to “Erase “and you will sense the way Robbie Williams sings and the moan of The Cranberries’ Zombie in a multilayered James-Blunt-like song.
Listen to “My interpretation “and you will understand Mika’s interpretation of song writing in a Scissor-sisters-like rhythm.
Listen to “Relax, take it easy” and you will feel the beauty of the seventies and the voices of the Bee Gees mixed with George Michael and the early days of Elton John.
Listen to “Any other world “and you will feel the atmosphere of Enya songs and the days of The Beatles with touchy words saying:

In any other world
You could tell the difference
And let it all unfurl
Into broken ruminants

Smile like you mean it
And let yourself let go

Cause it's all in the hands of a bitter, bitter man
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
Take a bow, play the part of a lonely lonely heart
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
To the world you thought you lived in

I tried to live alone
But lonely is so lonely, alone
So human as I am
I had to give up my defenses

And listen carefully to the person speaking in the end of the song…I think he or she said

"I never ever, I forget my story.
My face is not sad, but sometimes, I am sad."

Don’t ask me what it means: but I am sure that it means something

Listen to the hidden track with no name in the album and you will find a new dimension of Mika’s weird voice in an opera-classical-orchestral style with lovely piano and flute playing that makes me shiver.

“Happy Ending “is the happy beginning for Mika…because now I have found the Freddie Mercury of the 21 century...and someone that makes me happy...I can be "Grace Kelly ".

Forget all you problems, this is nuanced music, this is music for people who want to be happy, this is pop-disco, this is in one word: crazysexyfunkyhypercool


Anonymous said...


YOU SAW HIM PERFORM LIVE?!!! I hate you, I hate you! lol

Ask anyone I know and you'll know that I'm totally obsessed with Mika's music...dangerously obsessed!

The woman speaking in the end of 'Any Other World' is called 'Raffa', a Lebanese woman who lost her eye in the Lebanese war.

As for the hidden track, it's called 'Over My Shoulder'.

Everybody's gonna love [Mika] today! :D

WS said...

wiiii,it is a feel good music ,hey,it was just a live concert shown on television,thanx 4 the information,now I understand...u r dangerously obsessed?!!!hmmm,u can join the secret society and Mika's blog, tshing'a :-)

Anonymous said...


I watched his Koko gig on MSN, the whoooole 45 minutes I was sitting watching him with a smile from one ear to the other!!!!!!!

Nah, I don't want to join the secret society, more waga3 alb, because it'll remind me everyday that I had an opportunity to see him live and it blew up in my face *sigh*

Wait, wait..did you just say "Mika's blog"?!! Fein dah?! *gasps in horror*

Btw, if you listen to his studio outtakes (which I doubt you have) his songs are TOTALLY different compared to the tracks on LICM (Life in Cartoon Motion). The outtakes are very sad and it feels almost as if he wrote/sang them when he was fi 3ez om some sort of heartbreak wala 7aga!

Btw, the "kerchingggg!" is my message tone lama 7ad beyeb3atli message (rarely tab3an :p)

Yes, "dangerously" obsessed. Have you heard 'Ring, Ring'? "You've got a dangerous obsession, now I'm in need of some protection." Howa kedda ba2a, he's in need of serious protection from the mad woman I have become! LOOOOL!