EgypToz: There is nothing else to do man

Friday, May 12, 2006

There is nothing else to do man

Yesterday I wanted to go out with my friends...but as usual we had only these two boring go to the cinema or to sit in a cafe/restaurant...I have been doing that almost in all my weekends...this is a big problem for youth...they do not find anything exciting to do in the a group of friends I mean...and this is more obvious in the middle class society...we can not spend a lot of money in a disco or in an expensive restaurant in a hotel...and at the same time we do not want to sit in a public cafe ( Ahwa Baladi ) or eat grilled corn in front of the shore of the river Nile...but what else can we do as a group of girls and boys in hum hum hum and chat bla bla bla!!!! ...anyone has a new better idea...please inform us as soon as possible


WS said...

Of course I read books,have a lot of sport activities in the club,and have very interesting hobbies,the point is,it is hard to find a similar interest in a group of boys and girls,I can do something alone and have a good time,but how can I do something new with (((a group))) of youth in Cairo,it is very hard.

bent abdelwahab said...

Play group sports like soccer, vollyball or basketball.
Go jogging as a group.
Play billiards, or bowling, or a game of cards as a group.
What about a bookclub? Choose a book, everyone reads it during the week, then get together to discuss it at the weekend. A poetry club? Get all together and everyone reads a favorite poem then have some snacks.
Play board games.
Go to an art gallery as a group. Go to a museum as a group.
Have a small party at someone's home.