EgypToz: I am going to kill him

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am going to kill him

I never thought in my life that I could kill someone…it was yesterday in a big fight with a man working in the supermarket…I am sick of telling the whole boring story of people being rude and aggressive to me…or that I may be too sensitive ( I am not )…it is just that during the fight I wanted to beat him …then to choke him or to bring a knife and stab it in his neck…but people in this country like to participate in fights…passively or actively…in my case people from the street and another man form the supermarket caught me tightly and brought me outside the supermarket…tried to calm me down…but at home I took the knife and made more than 40 bruises in a carton box for mineral water while shouting with my loudest voice “ die …die…die…die…die…die “…and I am planning for my revenge…and I am planning for my revenge

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aMRALi said...

طيب ليه كل ده
حصل ايه بس