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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Yesterday I went to see the movie "Crash" in Nile City Cinema after I was disappointed the day before when I went with a friend of mine to Bandar Cinema in Maadi and we found out that they stopped showing it because-as they say-no one wants to see it…although I checked out in the newspaper before going there to be sure that it is shown in that particular cinema…but as we say…we are in Egypt and everything happens…so I went to Cilantro Café instead.

"Crash" a touchy melancholic movie that leaves you without answers until the end.
I liked the character of Matt Dillon who plays an L.A cop... from the beginning you get to know that he is very bad cop but at the end you find out that he is a normal person like you and me who sometimes makes mistakes but has a good soul.
Sandra Bullock who is always sad and angry in her life-although she has everything- finds out that the last person she thought to be her friend…is her housecleaner.
Ryan Phillippe who is a good-heart cop ruins his life in the end because of a mistake of misunderstanding.

Don Cheadle, Brendan Fraser and Jennifer Esposito...every star in this movie really make a top notch performances...and the first time director Paul Haggies-who is the writer of the last year Oscar winning film “Million Dollar Baby " - achieves what most experienced filmmakers have only dreamed of.

I will never forget the scene where the old man shots the 5 years old girl with the gun in his hand while she was hugging her father…and her father screams so loudly with an amazing sound effect and a fast zoom out…you can only hold your breath.

I can not tell the story of the have to see it see how life is so complicated in the multiplicity of storylines and the theme of the complex nature of human being and how we judge everyone according to unjustified manners.

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human being said...

انا مقرتش البوست لسة بس لما شفت الصورة افتكرت الفيلم ده
حلو اوى طريقة تصويره و المأسى اللى اتكلم عنها
انا لما اتفرجت عليه حسيت انى عايزة اقول الحمد لله بس بجد كان كئيب موت