EgypToz: هاللو لايف

Sunday, August 09, 2009

هاللو لايف

فات اسبوعين و لسه مش مستوعب الواقع اللى انا فيه
حاسس انى فى فيلم و انا بمثل فيه
الحلم بقى واقع


abderrahman said...


WS said...

واقع رائع بالتأكيد

Innate_Inanenuss said...

It's all an illusion's the MATRIX...

Step outta it MAN...before it's too late.

I'll meet you on the other side.

WS said...

It's not an illusion's's all just have to believe.

Anonymous said...

مبروك، أنا مش عارف فرحانلك لية؟ بس أنا فرحان ليك بجد


WS said...

شكرا جاد الربيع
شكرا بجد على الشعور الجميل ده
و إن شاء الله نفرح لك احنا برضو
كل واحد عنده حلم
و الهدف فى الحياة إنه يحققه
هو آه حلمى كان مستحيل يتحقق
بس الحمد لله بعد سنين و سنين جزء كبير منه اتحقق
و حافضل بإذن الله على إصرارى فى تحقيق حلمى ده كله
إن شاء الله

Anonymous said...

بسم الله

الحمد لله ان حضرتك مبسوط

دا شىء نادر

بس"احفظ الله يحفظك"


WS said...


" بس " ادعيلى

reham said...

inshallah you will do fine
But i have to say , from my personal experience, there is nothing like home..
I know how you were feeling in Cairo before leaving it,it was like my feeling also.
When i went abroad,i have known what things should i value most..there is nothing like your family, friends,country..nothing!
I felt very cold abroad,no feelings,no society..I agree that this new life , because it is simply'new', will make you happy..after few months,you will feel the emptiness,the coldness,the selfishness,the people who are self-centered...You will serach in your heart and you will find Egypt makes your heart very matter what is in Cairo, i adore it from all my will know what does it mean to feel safe and to feel el baraka..
I hope you will reach all your hopes and dreams , but please do not forget Allah
And please do not forget Egypt...You will value her so badly when you will be away from her..
By the way, where is Europe? This is for study or work ?
best regards, kol sana wenta tayeb ;)
Please do not get mad from my words..they came out from my heart..I hope you will accept my words ,Regards,Reham

WS said...

Why should I be mad from your words Reham, I know exactly what you mean, and all what you are describing already exists now, the coldness, the emptiness, the expressionless faces, the loneliness, and you don't know how much I love Egypt, Egypt is the best country in the world Reham, if you have been reading my blog you will notice that I don't hate Egypt, I just hate the people living in Egypt, not all of them, but most of them, they destroyed Egypt, they destroyed all the values that made Egypt such a unique and warm country back then, Egypt is not the country we know anymore, Egypt has become a place for endless suffering and a role model for hopelessness, depression and social mass destruction, there is indeed hope, but I realized I may or may not see a glimpse of this beautiful Egypt before I die, not before 50 or 100 years or so, and we only live once, and I know that I had an opportunity many in Egypt wish to have, hundreds died in the sea while escaping from Egypt, and they will try it again and again, so I thank God for this chance, but I also know that I am not away from my country, I have found a new definition of home, planet earth is my home, God gave me the whole planet to live on it, if there is a problem in one spot I can move to another spot, Egypt is great, but their people are still for decades living in a foolish viscous circle, and all the world is great too, and all human beings are God's creations too.

I will never forget Allah.

we kol sana wenty tayeba ya Reham