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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cruel Media

Last night "they" showed "us" a group of people carrying a totally burned child. He was a victim of a big blast somewhere. With "they" I am referring to the media. The media is controlled by people. With "us" I am referring to the viewer. The viewer is from the people. I am from the people. It is a closed circle of passing information and news.

It was not a surprise for me that I was not that moved by these explicit images shown on TV…especially when I saw the child's head separating from his body while they were carrying him.

Everyday I see something horrific like this…beheading of hostages, people drowning in floods, squeezed people under collapsed buildings after an earthquake , people throwing hundreds of dead bodies inside a hole, hanged famous men…and of course the revolution of broadcasting war live…isn't it interesting to watch civilians being slaughtered?

These brutal images have been unconsciously accepted by receivers worldwide.
No complaint?
It seems it has been a normal part of everyone's life. It has been approved by almost everyone.

Some may say that this is the harsh reality of today, and so it has to be shown exactly as it is.
Isn't it the right of everyone on this planet to know what is happening on earth…and in the universe!

Don't you see how brutal we have become? Don't you believe that some may imitate actions seen on television?

The human species have become coldhearted and are on the edge of losing their ability to feel…and to think.
Savage Animals!
Can you imagine the future of the world lead by today's children who are constantly manipulated by everyday violence and crime scenes seen on TV?

Not only TV has become a source of mankind destruction…the internet, mobile phones and newspapers have changed their roles of informing people for the sake of positive knowledge and enlightenment become a tool to spread reasons for cultural collision...and as a result the humanity of humans is being slowly killed.
Remember Ogrish!

No doubt some unwise media coverage sparked off many conflicts around the globe.

Escalation indeed!
Twenty years ago one can't remember seeing a person dying in news.
Should we look for something called media ethics in the era of globalization?
Or should we argue that even in the days without profound media people were killing each other?

So now you think that you and I should know…and see!?



Gihan said...

I agree to every word you said, to the extent enny mesh 3arfa azawed 7aga fel comment!

You just said it all.

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