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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coldplay Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

I just finished listening to the newest Coldplay album and I don’t have words to describe my feelings right now...I only can say 'celebrating 10 years Coldplay'…celebrating life…viva la vida oleah.

The Brian Eno Effect starts right from the first seconds of Coldplay's highly anticipated new album "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends"…with ambient sounds that introduce you to a magical and mysterious world , followed by guitar playing in a catchy U2-y way…aiming to guide you to a new era of coldplaying… accompanied by drums and a male chorus singing oh oh oh and ends abruptly which honestly was a surprise for me…because during "Life in Technicolor" I was waiting for Chris to sing…however it is just an intro song people…an optimistic start.

The first 'real' song is "Cemeteries of London", a dark yet beautifully crafted piece of music that hunts you from the start with ghosts and demons…singing la la la la la weaayh…amazing guitar playing…Spanish mood…with a smooth weird piano finishing this adventurous journey…hey…the band are not afraid to experiment here…cool isn't it.

And then…a big surprise…clapping of hands…heavy beats…and-just because I'm losing…doesn't mean I am lost-this emphasizes the fact that the band wants to play it safe…simple…and easy…and "Lost!" is indeed a great song…I had to sing with you dude…I am really thrilled with this new experience…and the electric guitar was my hero…and so are you.

I remember Martin & Co once saying that you have to hear "42" before you die…I don't know if they are right…the song starts slowly with a normal piano melody and then it turns to an absolutely other direction…'you didn't get to heaven but you made it close'…and then to a third destination…hmmm wow…and then it turns again to the quiet start…a revolutionary new style and a unique composition of a track…it is a rollercoaster you should ride…I think this is going to be the critically acclaimed song in this album…but I don’t know why I did not like it that much…maybe it will grow with me after a while.

"Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love" is beautifully strange…transfers you to another place…and to another dimension…especially in the middle of the song when there is no one singing…just ambient territory and courageous instruments fighting.

Drunken violin…mellow atmosphere…Chris Martin singing with a very deep voice…and again a sexy violin playing for the first time an Arabic melody in a Coldplay album…wait a second…is this Coldplay…did they change their genre…you have to ask yourself this question after hearing "Yes".

"Viva la Vida" is for sure a winner…thanks for the vivid violin, the church-like environment and the electronic touches playing in the background.

"Violent Hill" stands strong on the credit side with its emotionally last minute piano and Martin's singing "I took my love down to Violent Hill…there we sat in the snow"…should I cry…yeah you should.

The energetic "Strawberry Swing" reminds me of Africa…I adore this song…bravo…with strings crawling behind my ears…so sweet...I had to scream and say…people…I am happy…this is a new day…a peaceful day...and I am searching for the perfect day…I want to go back to the days of Love & Peace…hippi…yippi…yeay.

After that comes one of my favorite songs "Death and All His Friends"…it starts so slowly…softly…sleepy…and after two minutes or so a heavy guitar wakes me up euphorically…and then the song turns to a totally unexpected direction…felt by the change of rhythm and tone…and the chilling chorus saying "no I don't wanna follow death and all his friends".

The lyrics are deeper and intriguing….religious we can say.
Even the hidden bonus acoustic tracks are superb…plus "Chinese Sleep Chant" and " The Escapist"…so what else can I say…yeah…and Chris vocals never sounded so great...and one last thing...bad news or not...but there is no Coldformula aka (Clocks/Speed of Sound anthem)

This album will surely be a hit…I don't know if this should be considered one of their best achievements to date...but this is NeoColdplay…and if this album was made by an unknown band…it will not do the same buzz Coldplay are doing around the world…and this is not what I am expecting…in the days to come.


Anonymous said...

I can't say I loved the record, and I can't say I hated it; it's "NeoColdplay" as you put it, and it'll take me a few more listens to get used to it. With that being said, I've already named 5 tracks as my favourites. :)

I've been an avid Coldplay fan since 2000, which brings me to the point, "celebrating 10 years"? Their first record was released back in 2000, it's been eight, not ten years. Wala eh? :)

WS said...

sou,'Safety' ep was their first independent album back in 98.

So sou what are your 5 favorite tracks?

Rain_Drops said...

كويس إنك نبهتني لشريطهم الجديد دا ، أنا آخر علمي كان "قلاع" و ماكانش عاجبني قوي زي أغاني البدايات بتاعتهم

أما نشوف يا سيدي البطيخة دي هتطلع ايه المرة دي

WS said...


ابقى قول لى البطيخه عندك طلعت ايه؟

Rain_Drops said...

دا اسم شريط ليهم عندي بعد إكس و واي بس تقريبا دا اسم مخادع لإني مش لاقيه في أي مكان بيتكلم عن ألبوماتهم
بالنسبة للبطيخة أنا نزلت امبارح "تحيا الحياة" طلعت حمرا جدا ماتخافش ، بس الواحد يجيب حاجات كولدبلاي أو ترافيس منين في القاهرة بالضبط لإن في المنصورة بقو بيخافو يورونا الحاجات دي ، بيسيبونا نتجول على النت و نصرف أمورنا !

WS said...


أنت قصدك على

الحقيقه إن ما فيش شريط رسمى طلع بعد

X & Y

بس الاسم اللى انت بتقول عليه ده واحد مطلعه و مجمع بعض الاغانى ال

b sides

و اغانى حفلات لايف بتاعتهم

طلعت حمرا و جدا كمان

طب كويس

ابقى قول لى ايه اكتر اغنيه عجبتك

حاجات كولدبلاى و ترافيس ممكن تشتريهم من فيرجين ميجا ستورز من سيتى ستارز فى القاهره

viva la vida or death and all his friends

حاينزل لسه رسميا الخميس 12 يونيو فى انجلترا

و بصراحه ما عرفش حاينزل فى مصر امتى

بس ليه فى المنصوره بيخافوا يوروكوا الحاجات دى؟

Rain_Drops said...

تقريبا هما فاكرين إنها حاجة قبيحة

Anonymous said...