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Monday, April 21, 2008

اعتصام دونـــا تـيـــللو

He has been living with me for more than two years now…I still remember how he looked at me and smiled when I visited the orphan's house with some friends…I will never forget this magical smile that captured my heart…and at that moment I knew I can't leave him behind…I asked to meet the manager…had to sign some papers and I took him home with me.

A month ago I felt something was wrong with him...he used to be more active…and I noticed that his left leg was not moving as it should be…I was shocked…I thought he was suffering from a mild form of paralysis…or maybe muscle weakness…I think it was also a little bit swollen compared to the right leg…I know I was overreacting…but I think this is a normal behavior of a father that discovered something was wrong with his son's leg.

I called a friend of mine who is a doctor and he told me to wait and observe the leg for the next 4 weeks.

The days went by and I did not see any improvement in my son's condition…I was really anxious and thought that I should better take him to the hospital.

So today I took him to the hospital…the doctor examined him and made some tests…looked at me angrily and told me: your child is undernourished.

I was really embarrassed and could not believe that. With his insulting statement I felt he just erased all the effort and years I spent looking after my son. I told him that I only give him vegetables because I want him to get used to the healthy food and that I am trying to safe my child from being obese.

At that moment I thought the doctor was going to kill me…he quickly left the room and came back with two syringes…one filled with an orange substance and the other one was brown…he ordered me to hold my child and gave him the shots.

I saw a painful scream in my son's facial expression…but could not do anything…then the doctor wrote some prescription drugs…mainly multivitamins...and advised me to vary my son's diet more.

I was relieved…maybe the only thing that bothered me was the way my son treated me during this period of time…I had the feeling that he was suffering from a kind of depression…but I could not tell if he was living in pain or not.

He is my son and I am responsible to find the best care and comfort for him even if he acts that way…but that does not mean he should not look to me while I am talking…as he did today when I tried to ask for his health when we were in the microbus heading home…I felt he hated me for taking him to the doctor.
The last week he rarely responded whenever I asked him for something…this hurts Don.

Of course this may be connected with his recent illness…but he should know that I want him to be happy…I want him to run and play in the house…and I want him also to know that I will take him to the club as soon as he recovers insha2alla.
I just want Don to understand that I am doing the best for him…and that I love him very much…even if he is not my biological son.

I love you Don


Misrdream said...

انا اول مره ادخل مدونتك عجبتني بجد جدا الحرية اللى بتتكلم بيها وتعبيراتك الجميله عن واقع بنعيشه كل يوم مدونتك رائعه
تقبل تحياتي

Anonymous said...

اقولك حاجه بس متعتبرهاش مجاملة إطلاقاً , انا نادراً لم بجامل حد . .
انت فعلاً عبقري وواحد من الناس القليله اللي بحترم كلامهم حتى لو قال ألفاظ العالم كله في كلامه . .