Thursday, October 18, 2007





4thH said...

Indeed , That's exactly what I felt when I got my download link for free !! I love Radio head .. blessed who sang for the creep in me !!

WS said...

weehee...I can not believe love Radiohead...wait a minute...are you from Egypt...because when I talk to anyone here in Egypt about Radiohead...he asks me: what is radiohead?who is radiohead?
I just want then to shout:TheBeatles are the masters of the 60's...and Radiohead are the masters of the 90's...come on!

4thH said...

Man !! Radiohead is the greatest .. something happened prevented them from being as popular as the beatles but hey , what's the fuck ..

I can exchange all the music I got for ( Ok computer ) .

Count me in the fan club ;)

Z.@.k.! said...

I already posted my opinion about the band in the article by shebak :)

WS said...


I think "15 step" , "bodysnatchers" , "reckoner" , "jigsaw falling into place" and "videotape" will change your mind.

The nice thing in this album is that all their songs are good ( listenable)...mmm,"house of cards" reminds me of my years back in the 80's, the last minute of "all i need" reminds me of the the last minute in the lovely "amsterdam" by coldplay.

You will feel that this album is not a collection of songs,it is one long song.

Z.@.k.! said...

I listened to videotape...really interesting song and I guess the topic of this song resonate well with your blog

If you like that "style" of music (some peaple like to call it post rock!!), I would recommend bands on a label called Kranky records
checkout artists like Boduf songs and Tim Hecker, or you can download some free podcats from their website


Mo'men said...

Com'n Ws, you left out "Nude", 3rd track and by far the most depressing in the album ..

I can't help noticing that their 3rd tracks are always massive..
"High and dry", "Sub. homesick alien", "Sail to the moon" and offcourse .. "The Natural anthem"


WS said...


Yeah,I left it out on purpose because I know it is the favorite song for many, but guess what , for me it is the weakest although it sounds good, and as I have mentioned before, all the songs in this album are special , remember Kid A , there was always something challenging in each record , and I kept on listening to this piece in particular ,trying to find out the special moments in "big ideas" when I first heard the live version of it ,...well...I liked the multilayered structure of "nude" and the electric bass playing in the background, and the echo effect starting in the middle of the song , it is somehow moody as you have find it depressing...great...I find it...I find it...a normal song...not a radiohead song...when you listen to him ending his song with a note of meditation then you may consider it maybe more intriguingly sad and dreamy than depressing, especially when he finishes saying "You'll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking".

Last of all, it is a beautiful (and normal) song.

WS said...


Wow…I listened to Tim Hecker's "Radio spiricom"…yummi…so atmospheric…awesome…like Brian Eno's "An Ending" with a touch of Godspeed You Black Emperor's " Sleep" and the mood of Cliff Martinez "Wear your seat belt"…I should compose a score like that in my next short film.

Do you know where I can listen more to Tim Hecker and meditate?

And yeah…videotape…

Mephistopheles :p