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Sunday, July 22, 2007

انا بكره اسرائيل

Almost all Egyptians hate Israelis, I have to confess that I hate them too, I hate them so much that I want to kill them all, to erase them from planet earth, that is because my parents have told me when I was a kid that they are the devil, they are the bad guys that hate all the people from other nations and kill our fellow Palestinians.

In my school they taught me how to write poems declaring the war against Jews, I have even participated in a mini theatrical play about the Arab united and I still remember how everyone wanted to be in any part of the play but not to play an Israeli.

Everyday I see Israeli troops killing innocent unarmed Palestinian civilians, and the world is watching and no one wants to punish them.
I asked my father and he told me that they are very powerful because they have the control on the American economy and have a very influential role in many countries all over the globe.
The Germans don’t know how they could please them after the Hitler massacre.
Why do they suffer from persecution? Because they are born bad?

I recently have known that some Jews are still living here in Egypt.
In my adolescent years I figured out that the Jews have a "country" named Israel.
But what about those Zionist butchers? Are they Jews too? Hey, is there a difference between a Jew, an Israeli and a Zionist? Or are they all the same?
I also have noticed that in many Egyptian films they bring the Israeli flag and burn it. Even in reality, in political demonstrations, in the university, everywhere.
They have occupied Palestine and they have to go out, that's what we all have agreed on.
In the religion class the teacher has told us that there will be many fights with them, and that we will win in the final battle and the olive tree will tell us that an Israeli is hiding behind it so we can kill him.
In the newspaper I once have read that they don’t want to talk again with a man who doesn't
mind to have normal relations with Israel. They called him a spy and an unfaithful Egyptian citizen.
My grandmother told us not to eat a specific chocolate because she thinks that Israelis have put a poison in it to kill the younger Egyptian generation.

The Israelis have to be blamed for every problem and conspiracy in the world.
Every time we see the Egyptian authority catching an Egyptian spy who worked for the Israelis we ask ourselves why he did this stupid mistake.
In the Friday prayer the Imam asks god to make their women widows and their children orphans.

There are so many small empty islands spread all over the ocean , why don’t we choose for the Israelis an island and give it to them for free so they could leave Palestine and live in their new home in peace?
They think that they are the chosen people from god, and that they have to spread from the land of the Nile to the land of Furat.
But as we see now their fights and hatred will continue without an end.

The Egyptians I met told me that this is how it should happen, this is an endless war between us and the Jews, and it will never end until the judgment day comes.

Don't the Jews know about this upcoming event?
Oh, I see, now I understand , this is how it goes, so we should act like that because this scenario has been already written.
As an 18 years old man, and I know I don’t know much about politics, this looks as a vicious circle to me.
If we already know how the scenario will go , then why are we acting as if we are trying to solve the conflict?
If they are so dangerous why don't we collaborate and unite to destroy them all? Is it because we are weak?
If the Israelis don't want to go to the island, why don’t the Palestinians go and live there instead? Isn't it much better to live than to die every day? Or is the Aqsaa mosque so important for us? We can make some Arab and UN troops go there and protect the mosque from any harm or threat.
I just want to understand the meaning of persecution…for what? Religion? Tradition? History? Facts?

I believe- and I don’t know if I am wrong in this – that we should not discriminate a category of people according to their origin, sex, religion , language , national or social origin , and if all Israelis are bad , I am totally sure – and I may be wrong in this also – that there is a good Israeli living with them , yes we could say that the majority are bad people , but maybe 0.0000001 % of them are good , and they want peace and don't want to kill or hurt Palestinians or anyone , but we can not see them.

Aren't those also victims of their unlucky fate? If I were among those 0.0000001 % and see how much the world hates me and that no one wants to listen to my voice of peace, I will be mad…and bad.

If we believe that further escalation of this crisis is inevitable, then we should continue to teach our children to hate Jews…to forget something called hope…and to prepare themselves for the finale…for the end of days.

By the way, I hate Israel.


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

u never fail to amaze me WS.. never ever!

and always the one thing i really wonder about alot... who are you?
i can't figure out anything about your identity... not a religion, education, age...... each and every new post holds a new flavor.. no a different one that makes me believe that you are not a single person... thats can't be true..

WS said...

I wish I could know something about WS.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Maybe you can help me and tell me.
I will appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

WS ..

heey there man ,am from Egypt and i really love your blog .. ;) sooo cool ..

Wonna Exchange links !

Keep up the gr8 work

Abu Sa'ar said...

You poor, brainwashed child...

Funny, nonetheless.

Shalom from Israel.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's better to grow up and stop listening to your parents :)

Anonymous said...

it is ok to hate israel , some israelians do too ,
and as i understood you are not worried , as you believe that there is a end coming soon , and sooner or later they are washed up , it feels good when you think of it :-)

Harry Sufehmi said...

I used to live in UK for 6 years, there I found out (among others) that there are Jews who are against Israel too.

Was quite flabbergasted at the time.

Now I've learned to go against Zionism (the real Neo Nazi) & Israel, but will reserve my judgement for individual Jews until I know them better.

Dr. Ahmed Wagih said...

This is one of the most worrying signs to me; we Egyptians have turned racist biggots who cannot understand the difference between a battle on a piece of real estate, and apocalyptic, mesianic visions, leading us to indoctrinate our children to hate people of other religions!!!

first off, Egyptian Jews contributed to Egypt as much as everybody else, just remember Sa'ad Zaghlool's right arm was an Egyptian Jew and later a member of the parliament (Hayim Nahoum Effendi), the Katawi family (the creators of College des Beaux Arts (faculty of fine arts now), the numerous Egyptian industries and trade landmarks (Cicorel, Omar Effendi, Adas, etc...) the Maadi suburb, the most beautiful place in Cairo was built by 3 Egyptian Jews, the movie industry was pioneered by Egyptian Jews (Togo Mizrahi,..), some of the most famous actors (Layla Mourad, Najwa Salem, etc..) artists (Dawood Hosni, Abdou El Hamouly, etc..). Their contributions outweight their percentage as a minority in Egypt. I am an Egyptian Moslem, I don't hate Jews or any other people of different religious denomination. I have a problem with the Israeli occupation of Palestine, but again, that's a problem about real estate, not more. Turning it into a religious problem make it unsolvable.

WS said...

Exactly Harry,
so the title should be "I hate Zionism"?

WS said...

Nah•det Masr,
What you have written here can not come from a normal Egyptian, it only can come from a well educated, tolerant and open minded person, and as you have noticed the only solution is education, education and education.
You are right, Egyptian Jews lived all these years among us in peace, they were just normal Egyptian people who are not Moslems or Christians.

To safe this planet from a catastrophic end we have to start to teach our children the meaning of peace, the meaning of tolerance, acceptance, respect of others and the freedom of religion.
Ironically we are just doing the opposite, encouraging more and more young minds to continue what our grandparents have done, "we have to win this war, the war against those Jewish demons."

The Israeli occupation is the problem we have to focus on, to enlighten the world that what those Zionists have done does not have any sense or logic, and to make even some Israelis realize that they can't just come and occupy a land and tell their people to vanish.
In other words, we just have to do what some clever Jews have done, to convince more powerful people all over the world to have much more sympathy and understanding of the humanitarian rights of the Palestinians, and the violent acts of the Israeli occupation that are not justifiably shown in the foreign media.