EgypToz: Bubble Life aka Today Is Not Yesterday Of Tomorrow

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bubble Life aka Today Is Not Yesterday Of Tomorrow

Do you think you are living in the present time?
You are already dead. You lived your life. You have done what you wanted to do.
This life you are living right now is called the bubble life. It is the part of replaying the video tape of your actual life.
Bubble life creates an effect of fake reality.
In other words you do feel that you are in the present time while you are actually in the past.
You leave your house in the morning heading to your office and thinking what you are going to eat with your family in the do not know that you have done that already because you do not have any evidence that you have done that before.
Do you know why...because your memory has been erased only for your comfort!

Do not tell me that history is not history.
Yes this is true. And the future is not history too.Now is not a point in time and space.

The lives of dinosaurs, Pharaohs, Romans, World War II, 9.11 , war in Iraq and all what is going to happen in the future is already there.
Could this mean that you had the opportunity to choose what to do and what not to do but now you have this inside feeling telling you that you have no control on your life?

Maybe this is the reason, you could never believe that you are not in the present, and that you already have killed/are going to kill someone accidentally with your car and ran/are going to run away...and you have been/are going to be punished...because you are already dead aka alive.
The act of yawning you do from time to time is not more than a countdown of the final days of your fake solipsism existence.
When you go to shower and see this soap bubble and you blow inside it what increases in size.
So when you bring this big soap bubble closer to another small bubble what happens...does it increase in size or do they both merge into each other?
What happens when this bubble bursts?
Could your life be just like that?

You will see.