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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy.
This addiction was discovered from the first episode in season one and I do not know what will happen to me next.

To arrange my weekly time schedule to catch up with the episodes was a hard thing to do.
The reason for my addiction may lie in the way they show us the development of the characters.

In each episode we get to know something new about the cast, and we sort of learn something about life at the season's finale.
The songs introduced in the series are also very catchy, I first noticed that when they played " Into the fire" in Grey's Anatomy first episode.
Maybe I feel more connected to the show as I have experienced the same little things the interns face in the show, like the arrogance of the Chief resident, the competition between colleagues, the flirting games, and the unbearable stress in each surgical operation.

I like all the characters of the series...Meredith's smile, George's hesitation, Izzie's beauty, Burke's seriousness, Cristina's wide eyes and Dr. McDreamy's charm.
They are all like powerful heroes saving people's lives.
Although season three finale was a little bit melodramatic last week, but it was so obvious that the real life conflicts between the actors (especially Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight) reflected itself in the show.

I do no want to spoil the plot to the people in Egypt, who will still watch season one finale next week, but I hope the writers will not put more and more new characters in season four as they did when they brought us Dr.Addison and Dr. McSteamy.

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