EgypToz: Final Day Exam

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Final Day Exam

University of Universe
Faculty of Justice

Name___President of the United States of the World______

Answer all questions
10 marks each
Time: 23 hours

1. Why do you have to sleep in Iraq after you have finished your digging for weapons of mass destruction?
2. Why do you have to talk while you are eating?
3. What is the part you like most in the movie blockbuster “Hanging Saddam “
4. Why do you want all the year’s seasons to be summer?
5. Do you have nightmares of Chinese chopsticks eating you?
6. Have you done an IQ test before?
7. What will you do when your daughters fight in Iraq this year?
8. Why is your iPod full with only Dixie chicks’ songs?
9. Why do you think it is your business to stop Iraqi people killing each other everyday?
10. Have you seen yourself on TV?
11. Why are you sad when one day goes by with a death toll less than 103 Iraqis?
12. Give an explanation of your quote: "I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe — I believe what I believe is right."
13. Why don’t you like the others to have the same bomb you have?
14. Why do you like the chimpanzee more than your black dog?
15. What do you feel when you see the smile of Ahmadinejad?
16. Why do you think that God speaks through you and without that you could not do your job?
17. When was the first time you knew you are a die hard “Star Wars” fan?
18. What is the thing you still don’t know about democracy?
19. Why do you celebrate with Israel the valentine’s day?
20. Have you seen “Black Hawk Down” before going to Somalia again and why?
21. Why are you jealous when you know you still have 2 years to make more people hate you than they hate Hitler?
22. Why do you prefer drinking oil than water?
23. Why aren’t you proud that Hezbollah and Hamas dedicate all their work only for you?
24. Why is your DVD collection full of South Park series?
25. Why do you like to pronounce the word Syria at leas 245 times a day?
26. Why are you trying desperately to win the Nobel price or at least to see your name listed in a history book under the category of greatest achievements?
27. Why are you happy when you remember the 9/11 attacks?
28. Why don’t you like to catch Bin Laden each time you find your mouse?
29. Name me one person (not including yourself) that believed in this sentence you said:” I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace.”
30. Why are you so eager to make many sequels of Fahrenheit 9/11?
31. Why do you want to show everyone that you are the best friend of Putin?
32. Why do you want to live in your farm and not in your house?
33. Why do you want to adopt 6 girls from Darfur?
34. Why don’t you like to get all your troops out of Iraq in 1 week and stop the deaths of your soldiers?
35. What is your advice for Egypt?
36. What is the thing that I can do for you to retire?
37. What is the color of my boxers?


Anonymous said...

Intriguing, funny & sad.. but true

Makhlouf said...

I am so eager to see the model answer for this exam :-)

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