EgypToz: posi+ive / negat-ve

Friday, December 01, 2006

posi+ive / negat-ve



Anonymous said...

Hey Egyptos;
AIDS awareness is spreading all over the blogsphere, I can see mmmm
however, I have to mention, if I did not know better , I wouldn't know that this pic refer to HIV anyhow :D

Nice Blog,,, too many photos.. very intriguin and ravishing.. keep it up

Anonymous said...

So how are you doing?

WS said...

Hope,I don't know,I have done what you have told are you first,where is starburst?

Anonymous said...

Starburst is closed for the time being but I continue to read a few blogs (yours of course among them). I have to sort somethings out before I continue to blog.
Be well.