EgypToz: Thank god I did not die in the cinema

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thank god I did not die in the cinema

This is a must see movie for everyone…especially Arabs and Muslims…to understand the day that turned the world upside down...9/11...and to digest the reactions that came from the people living in the west…the American people…and their leaders…and why they are focusing now to fight terrorism all over the world…and why they are frustrated and confused…not knowing the real target …the real enemy…why they are afraid of us…and what we should do to interact with them…to prove to them that we are not what they think we are…this film shows the events that happened the day the World Trade Center collided…it shows it form two perspectives…from the airport and its connections in the USA (National Air Traffic Control Center, airport towers, regional air traffic stations, the military command room ) and from inside the cabin of the plane…the plane which was heading to the White House…to destroy it…but did not reach the target…because of the passengers...the passengers who did not know that their names will be remembered...who did not know that they are going to be heroes…who did not know that they have changed history…at some point I wanted to stop the movie and have a rest…and then continue watching this breathtaking is so real and so intense that I had the feeling that I am inside this plane…it feels like you are truly in there...with the hand-held camera moving between the seats and the documentary-no acting –style the director has used in this film…well I was afraid…and I had the fear that my heart beats could stop at any moment…because it was beating so fast during the 111 minutes of the film…and people in the theatre were also in shock…I think everyone of them- including me-will think if he or she will travel with an airplane again.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this film.
I say if it takes watching a film to educate "Arabs" and Muslims about the reality in the world and what it means to support and condone terrorism, then let them watch it.