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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

catch me if you can

Yesterday a little grey mouse entered my room…I was sitting in front of the TV watching Snatch and eating nutella sandwiches when I saw him running und hiding under my bed. I am not one of those people who get a shock if they see a mouse but I do not like to sleep in the dark and wake up on a tingling sensation under my boxers and find this little mouse playing with something precious to me.
I moved slowly and closed the door of my room…put some newspapers under the door to make it impossible for him to escape…and called the housekeeper to come and help me catch this creature.

We both entered the room and tried to be quiet to hear his movements and find where he hides.
My room is a big mess where everything is not in order and it will be very difficult for both of us to see or catch him…clothes all around…books…toys…plastic bags filled with things I do not need.
It was 1 am …the housekeeper gave up and left me alone in this unpleasant situation. I went to the pharmacy to buy a mouse poison but did not find it…they told me they do not sell it now because many people use it to kill their partners or enemies…so I bought this stick rat thing.

I brought a piece of wood and put cheese in the middle of it…and then I put the glue all around the cheese and went back to my room to put this trap under the television.
I had to sleep that night on the floor of my guest room.
Next morning I entered my room to find the cheese eaten…but where is this mouse? Why didn’t he stick in the glue?
I only have found his foot steps marked on the glue…I was very angry.

I went to my college thinking all the day: how can I catch this f***ing mouse. I thought I am smarter!
Am I smarter?
Then…I had a good idea…I brought a piece of ceramic and put chicken with cheese in the middle of it (yum yum yum)… then glue all around…and then some flour to see where he hides if he did not stick to the glue.Should I buy a cat to watch tom & jerry live…or should I accept this cute new friend to live with me in peace and harmony…let’s see mighty mouse habibi…who’s gonna win.

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Anonymous said...

I remembered that movie mousehunt lol