EgypToz: Angor Animi

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Angor Animi

today the cat is asking herself why do i live i am sure i am not just here on earth to eat and fight with my fellow cats


Anonymous said...

well .. nice post, but certainly the title is kinda irrelevant .. re-check your cardio texts for the actual meaning

Angor Animi is sense of Impending death which take place in terminal conditions and severe acute cardiac pain as angina pectoris and acute myocardial infarction

On the other hand, I do like the content; simple, clean & direct .. and mmm, I like the Off white cat in the second photo the most.. she is just so cute hiding from the camera flash "sa7afa No" LooL

WS said...

Operon, I know what it means.
In this post I am not talking about cats, I am talking about human beings.
When I see cats walking in the street and searching for food in the garbage and fighting with each other I want to ask them: hey cats, do you know why you are living?
Then I remember the cats that have comfortable lives and sleep on the couch.
People now are focusing more on food = money and fights = wars, as if they live everyday with the fear of death...that death is so they have to act savagely...they think that these 2 things will save them from dying.
We became like animals, we need to find the moral values of life, and we need to have a pure heart to survive.
Do we need Angor Animi to act properly?!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. so that is what you meant.. pretty tricky!
as i said earlier, I love the content!