EgypToz: Sahra

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have experienced experimental rai in Egypt…yesterday in Sakyet El Sawy Culture Center in Zamalek…Sahra …a really special band…combining rai music with rock.
The band was formed in 1990 and had the name Rai Train.
Then in 1999 they created with the rock group Propaganda the new band Sahra.
The show started with some popular rai songs of Cheb Khaled and Cheb Mami, but the highlight was Aicha…and Saeed of course…who gave the song a new dimension…a girl who was sitting in front of me was moving with her head in a way as if she was melting with the rhythm.
Saeed…a great voice…but I do not know what was with him today…it was obvious when he could not sing the high notes in the middle of the song Aicha…yet his nice interactions with the crowd gave the Wisdom Hall a cheerful atmosphere.
Saeed’s movement on stage was exaggerated, talking and whispering with his band members while playing was not elegant…and not professional…too much…

Saeed…I have a question…why do you always have to show your back to the listeners…oh…and the band’s outfit was not matching with the event at all…it was as if they were coming directly from bed to the concert…except Saeed.

Rai means “opinion” in Arabic…that is why we have to understand at least some of the words said.

A big applause for the violin solo presentations, Mohamed Medhat …you were playing with love and devotion.
Keyboardist Ahmed Al-Wahsh was a great leader …giving an energetic mood to every song… and guitarist Marwan was shining when he played the main role in the rock songs… you can also hear his simple touches floating in some of Cheb Khaled’s songs…especially in the song Ya Chebba.
When the percussionist tried to show his solo part by bringing one of the songs to an end, it was a flop…Hani Bideer…I am sorry, but it was somehow annoying.
The person responsible for the sound editing was not in his top form, he had to correct many technical problems...too many.

In spite of all that...I enjoyed the concert very much…unfortunately it was a little bit short...maybe because we are in Ramadan and it started at 22:00…the audience have had a very nice night as well…and enjoyed clapping along to the beats.

Sahra…we want to hear new interpretations of popular rai songs...waiting for further maturation...and more originality.


Jannah said...

you've come back?

WS said...

only physically,jannah,where are the confidential info about the series of events?

Jannah said...

WOW thank you for reminding me! Will be sent to you some day soon. probably when Eid starts coz now busy in 3ashra awakher.