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Thursday, October 05, 2006


The furor over the comment made by Cohanians’ Prime Minister about Lulu being a dog continues to grow, unleashing a torrent of rage that many fear could burst into violent protests all over the world.

In Frondland some 200 demonstrators stood outside the Lulonic Temple shouting: Die Tozy, die Tozy, die dog.
Today the Prime Minister received many threads from extremist that he will be beheaded soon.
Last night Cohanian officials were scrambling to defend the comments, saying they had never intended to offend Lulonics.

Lulu is one of the most powerful gods of Lulism, a religion with over 10 million believers living in the south west of Evia.

The International Lulonics foundation reacted angrily to the comments: This way of insulting the meditative peaceful religion Lulism by naming his dog Lulu will have negative consequences on him and the relation between us and the Cohanians.
A Lulonic said: We do not accept the apology through Cohanian channels we ask the Cohanian Prime Minister himself to offer a personal apology and to order all Cohanians to change their dogs’ names.

This crisis started during a speech, when the Cohanian Prime Minister Makaba Tozy said that he likes to punish his dog Lulu by throwing him in his swimming pool.

In the press conference he emphasized: If everybody went around causing a ruckus every time something they didn't agree with was said, the world would be in chaos.

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