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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Company

I took a long shower…I tried to get rid of all the tiny particles of dirt adhering to my skin…I shaved my beard although I do not like shaving… I wore my favorite jacket and tie…I put my extra hold gel on my hair and sprayed my expensive perfume all over my body... I looked in the mirror to check the way I smile… it has to be natural.

I went to the company…I thought I am going to be the first one there…but I found all my other colleagues in their top form standing in front of the company…waiting for the security guard to open the door.
They smiled to me…some gave me a very warm hug…and I smiled back.
Everyone was too polite to me and let me be the first one to enter.
While we were walking on the red carpet we could see beautiful flowers decorating the whole corridor…the place was very quiet.

A man I have never seen before came to my office and gave me a piece of chocolate cake and a cup of hot cappuccino. He smiled to me…I smiled back.
I started to write the report as fast as I can; he will come at any moment.
At 9:24 he was standing in the room.
Everyone looked to him and smiled…then they returned to their hard work.
Everyone was enthusiastically typing the reports to show how active they were.
When he was going out of the room some jumped from their places crying and begging him to stay. He told them he will come back.

When he closed the door some tore up the papers with the reports and others began to talk too loudly and confidently. A woman came to my desk with an unfriendly face…took the chocolate cake and ate it all. I looked for the cup of cappuccino but didn’t find it. A colleague was drinking it at the desk beside me. A man shouted to me: Light my cigarette immediately. I could not stand this anymore and ran out of the office. When I opened the door of the office I found some people putting the flowers in boxes and others rolling back the red carpet. Everyone was doing anything else but not working.
I wanted to go out of the building but the security guard stopped me violently. He whispered: If you want to go out today you have to give me all the money in your pocket. I punched the guard hard in his stomach and ran out searching for Mr. Ramadan to come back and rescue the company.

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