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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Drawn Together

Forget South Park , forget The Simpsons , forget Sponge Bob Square Pants … this is one of the funniest and cleverest cartoon series I have ever seen…Drawn Together…imagine Big Brother but with Cartoon characters… 8 characters (Spanky Ham , Toot Braunstein , Foxxy Love ,Wooldoor Sockbat , Captain Hero , Ling Ling , Xandir and Princess Clara ) from different animation genres live together in a house with cameras to catch every moment in their lives…so we see these characters when they forget their moral values and show their real personality…the creators make jokes about reality show challenges … you will see some references to movies like Braveheart , The Lord of the Rings , Kill Bill , Titanic , the Matrix and other famous and not famous movies …you will also see some funny situations like in Survivor , The Apprentice, The real world , Super nanny…but they also talk about heavy subjects as anti – Semitism , rape, homosexuality , pre and post 9/11 , wars , abortion , sexual abuse , discrimination , violence , death and racism… in a satirical way… I never thought that cartoon could go that far… there was a scene where one of the characters wanted to have a plastic surgery in her vagina and every time the doctor makes a mistake she takes him back to the surgery room to make another vaginal transformation … so that I had to run to the toilet and vomit the food I just ate…because at the end the vagina had a mouth that could speak…and another scene where a character was so brutally killed that it was more disgusting than a killing scene in Scream … but the strange thing is that you just have to laugh … because it is so funny…so absurd…so extreme…and so unique

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