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Friday, July 07, 2006

French bread

Yesterday I was searching for the fresh French bread in Metro Supermarket but could not find it … until this worker came and tried to help me…but there were no French bread left so he went inside to the bakery and waited till they made a hot French bread…he showed me the other bread they do...I was happy to see someone helpful like him…smiling all the time…polite and active…he put the bread in a nice bag and gave it to me saying:” here it is…I wish you a nice day “…I could not believe it…cause I am not an old costumer who may give tips or something…I am just a young boy and he is treating me like that…wow…not like all these sellers who show up with their angry depressed faces…behaving as if you were his enemy…I thought maybe the boss is watching him or a spy camera is recording every move he does…or maybe he is new in his work and wants to prove that he is fit for it…hey…why should we find an excuse…he is just a good Egyptian hard worker we rarely do find


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