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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Walk like an Egyptian

I do not know why I am using the public bus till now…maybe because I did not have time to learn how to drive…or maybe because I do not want to experience the stressful traffic jam in Cairo…or maybe because there is not that big difference between rotten taxis with nonnegotiable drivers and crowded dirty buses…After finishing my exam and on my way home I saw a foreigner standing in the local bus …I was curios to talk to him and to know his impressions ... but I had a long way to reach the other end of the bus where he was standing ... and although he was wearing the traditional Egyptian garb ( galabia ) – most probably to dissolve himself in the Egyptian crowds and trying not make himself a spot for people’s attention- his rosy cheeks and shining face did the whole job and passengers were looking at him all the time…when the conductor saw me taking a picture of the foreigner in the bus he left his work and moved angrily towards me…I did not have a chance to jump from the bus as I was already in the middle of it…then I decided not to run away and to see what will happen....tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan ( the music of the movie jaws was playing in my head )…the passengers were excited to see what will happen… I even took some pictures while the conductor was walking between the passengers…and then ~


Anonymous said...

ممكن يطلع ابن بلد و شرقاوى
فـلاح مكافح و مناضل
مش متنكر و لا حاجة

ويكون احنا الى عندنا عـقـدة الخـواجـة

Anonymous said...

I don't have the guts to take pictures in public like you. It is very hard to do so with a lot of curious and suspecious eyes around. I, myself, can sometimes feel uncomfortable if someone does so although I want to do the same thing but this is because of the political atmosphere in Egypt. State Security officers take pictures of demonstrators too.
Bas good luck with doing so bas mesh kol marra teslam el garra :))

WS said...

you are right ximo