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Friday, June 30, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance

When I was in high school we had a show in the end of each year…and one time I tried to perform a pop dance with my friends on stage of our theatre… I still remember the song…it was “born to make you happy “by Britney Spears “…huh…we were kids…and we failed…then there were courses to learn classic dance…and I joined these courses…and they were pretty boring… at the end we showed what we learned in a big party …but I never enjoyed what I was doing…till I found a nice place in Egypt were they give salsa courses with cheap prices… the location was awesome…it was on the roof of a ship in the Nile…and I had a good time there…and after I finished the course I thought that I will find many girls knowing the moves of salsa dance…but I was wrong…and now…after these years…I barely remember some steps…but I was happy to see other people dance in the second season of “so you think you can dance “…
In the first season we saw how they chose the contestants after the audition, then they were trained to dance different styles like jazz, pop, freestyle, tango and salsa… then the contestants were randomly partnered up and given a dance style to perform in front of the audience…and at the end of each show the best dancers are voted by the viewers.
I was sad not to see Lauren Sanchez again…she could not host the 2nd season due to pregnancy.
I also miss Melody Lacayanga , Blake McGrath and Nick Lazzarini … they are the dancers I like to see…and I think that this season is not as powerful and enjoyable as the first one…well...I hope Travis will win this season.

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