EgypToz: Only for tourists ( بليز المصريين يمتنعون )

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Only for tourists ( بليز المصريين يمتنعون )

نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر بس نورت مصر بس كفايه نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر شششش نورت مصر الشريط علق نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر

Dear tourist

Egypt is considered the most beautiful place on planet earth.
Here you have the opportunity to spend the best time of your entire life.
In Cairo you can visit the pyramids, the Egyptian museum, the Cairo Tower, Mohammed Ali mosque, the Coptic museum, the Islamic museum; you can ride a horse or a camel in the desert, enjoy the view of the river Nile in a felucca and then spend a good time shopping in Khan El Khalili Bazaar.
Alexandria is the bride of the Mediterranean sea, you can visit the huge Montaza palace,the castle ,the Roman museum, then go to the oases of Siwa, see the miraculous sea of Marsa Matruh, dive in Hurghada, surf in Sharm El Sheikh,then go to Sinai and climb the Moses mountain to see the magnificent sunrise , visit St. Katherine, make a safari camp in Dahab and Noweiba , then take a Nile cruise down to Luxor and Aswan to see the ancient Egyptian civilization.There are thousands of other fantastic places in Egypt, but we will need millions of books to mention them all.

Everywhere you go you will find night clubs, discos, bars and pubs.
Egypt is the safest place in the universe; you can go safely on the street all the day long, shops are 24/7 open, even at 2 am you will find children with their parents enjoying their day.
The weather is more than perfect, not hot and not cold.
Everything in Egypt is cheap, that means you have to come with an extra bag because you will buy lots of things for sure.
Baksheesh is the greatest thing you will going to experience in Egypt,just enjoy it and be high.
The traffic is the best in history, you just have to make yourself visible ( you do not even have to raise your hand or make any movement ) and you will find a line of taxis waiting to serve you wherever and whenever you want to go.
Egyptians are so sweet and kind; the most friendly creatures in the world, every hour they will give you plenty of food, invite you in their houses, talk with you day and night, to make it short, their goal is to make you relaxed and euphoric happy, so if you need anything, and when we say anything we really mean anything, just ask an Egyptian and he will do it for you, but do not forget the magic word Baksheesh.
The Egyptian food is the best food ever made, you will never ever taste something delicious like that : Foul and Tameya,Mahshy Betegan,Mahshy Wara’ Enab,Mahshy Kosa,Mahshy Uta,Mahshy Koromb, Brain and Tongue sandwich, Kofta,Mesa’aha, Molokheya with rabbits, Batarekh, Koshary, Konafa, Atayef, Basbusa, Tawagen , Baba Ghanug and Tehina,Balady bread with nails,Shawerma, Fetira with sugar and other stuff of course.
Shisha and oriental dance are a must.
After finishing your trip you will wish to stay the rest of your life in Egypt and have the Egyptian citizenship, don’t worry, you will take it immediately with a lifelong guarantee.

We are eager to see you soon

نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر ييييه تانى نورت مصر نورت مصر مورت مصر نورت مصر بس اخرسوا نورت مصر نورت مصر مافيش فايده فيكو نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر نورت مصر-------- هيييييه النور اتقطع--------------- ضلمت مصر ضلمت مصر ضلمت مصر ضلمت مصرلأ حرام مش ممكن ضلمت مصر ضلمت مصر ضلمت مصر


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

الاعلان بتاع نورت مصر دة ممل جدا
وغبى قوى
مافرقش عن اعلان السنة اللى فاتت.. غير ان الرقاصات اكثر احتشاما...
آل يعنى

Anonymous said...

مصر مضلمة بالناس اللى زيـكـو
SH** **

Mo'men said...

masr ya ra2fat !