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Thursday, June 15, 2006

878 Nike

Today I had a big problem because of taking random pictures. I knew from the beginning that this is not an easy thing to do here, especially in the nowadays events in Egypt.
I can just blog without including pictures of what I see and experience, it will not make that difference and it will be easier for me, photography was never my hobby.
Anyway, tourists do take pictures freely everyday, and when we see these pictures we will find smiling happy Egyptian faces enjoying being captured by a foreign camera. We do accept tourists taking pictures of us, but we do not accept it from our fellow citizens.
I also know that anyone can take the pictures in this blog and put it in another site or blog, and he could even change things in it.
We all know that these pictures could be used badly by anyone who has an access to the internet: am I responsible for that?
Anything can have its disadvantages, but till now I think I am not that bad guy. People will say that I am kind of a tool for using pictures in an inappropriate way. We can find many excuses.
The red sign w s does not have a meaning anymore.

I will not assume that a picture can say hundreds of words, but I can say that if we just look, meditate and analyze the condition we are living in, we may be able to find the reasons of our unsatisfied condition. Just by identifying small little details of something in an image could give me and you a hint of an upcoming possibility of improvement-the way we behave, the way we dress, the combination of colors in the street, the noise we hear, the beauty of silence we recognize…we may see the sadness in someone’s face, or feel the happiness in the eye of a child.
We see lots of things everyday, but most probably we don’t like to keep it in our memory, even if we think that some pictures show ugly and unpleasant things, we should know that these things are our guide to a better future, the camera is the memory and every picture is a proof of the chronicles of our daily lives.
We live in this country and have got used to it, that’s the problem. We can not tolerate changes.

Let us take this picture as an example:
I think all of us will say that we do not enjoy looking at it: but some people do enjoy it in a weird way, because they got used to live with it. I saw it beside the door of my university, and I had to see it for 3 days, and on the 4th day I was happy because it was no longer there.
Well, this is just a symbol and everyone sees it everyday when he goes to the bathroom…till constipation comes.


Anonymous said...

شكلها مش بتاعت انسان,يمكن بتاعت كلب

Anonymous said...

ياعم بتاعه بني ادم ولا حتي كلب مش فارقه