EgypToz: 06.06.06

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today I decided to watch Kubrick's 1971 masterpiece " A Clockwork Orange " to see my 17 years old friend Alex whose pleasure in life is ultraviolence : doing horrible things to people ( beat , rape , kill ). Some people say the book and the script were written by the devil himself. I know why it has never been shown on television all these years , was withdrawn on its release from UK theatres and was rated X on its original release in the US. .
It is sooo shocking and tooo real ( it does contain some strong images that were too hard for my stomach)...but it is really a beautiful piece of art.
I had to ask myself : What is the definition of goodness?
Do we lose our humanity if we are deprived of the choice between good and evil?
Do I have to be sometimes bad to be good?

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