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Monday, May 15, 2006

Wust El Balad

It was one of their best was a great cultural event...yesterday I went with my friends to the party in Sakeyt Abd El Meneem Elsawy in Zamalek...their lyrics are original ...their vocals...the way they mix oriental music with modern Egyptian music...raggie...jazz...rock...and chill out
It was so crowded that not all of us had a seat...for me it is better to stand and involve myself in the atmosphere of music
Hany Adel dedicated the song " Soal Wahed " to his love " Hala Shiha "...people were screaming as usual for " Antika "..." Magnoun " was also fabulous...Ismail Fawzy is really talented...Adham El Saeid was a maestro...and Assad Nessim was brilliant in his solo guitar playing...the audience wanted more and more...
Many people want to know why they still do not have a CD after all these years of success...they simply have not gotten a good offer... I can not believe that a precious outstanding Egyptian band like Wust El Balad could not have the opportunity to have a worldwide fame
At the same time I think not having a CD makes Wust El Balad a unique band ... so you have to see and experience their beautiful down-to-earth parties

watching the football game " El Ahly vs El Zamalek " on the big screen before the show

our favourite Egyptian band has arrived

the show will start soon

the star of the night...Hany Adel

foreigners were enjoying their time

young audience

a group of girls I met were making a documentary film about Wust El Balad and talking about the problems Egyptian bands are facing today

people were amazed by the music

Ismail on the big screen

Assad Nessim concentrating and Hany Adel competing

the break

he is one of the biggest fans...he can not miss a concert of Wust El Balad

sitting on the grass and watching

ya salam aleek ya Adham

people do not want to go home


Anonymous said...

Thanks for This Nice Article .am Wust El Balad Fan Too :-) ..Thanks Again

WS said...

u welcome

MechanicalCrowds said...

They're amazing... they need to make an album soon.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy everybody,

It's a Day-Use in RAMADA RESORT [on 9-11-2006 ] in Ras Sudr, including a big concert with WUST EL BALAD and MOHAMED NOUR, including:


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-Open BUFFET [ Lunch ]

-D.j. concerts during the day

-Beach Volley competitions

-Suites for every group


-At the end of this funny day you will be interesting with your favourite Band WUST EL BALAD, and the supre rising star MOHAMED NOUR.

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