EgypToz: To die

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To die

I want to be Superman
to fly away from earth
to fly to outer space
to freedom
to peace
to the infinite place
to leave the wars behind
to leave the grief beside
and leave the mankind


Anonymous said...

What can I say about this crazy world ?
Where I can't stay in silence without a word
Where there is fear & pain,
Where the law is in vain,
Where crime takes over,
And justice is a lot lower,
Where outlaws are full of mirth,
And the innocent are under the earth,
Where raping is a common fact,
Which criminals take just as an act,
And say was just that!


Anonymous said...

!النعيم لا يدرك بالنعيم sorry,keep dreamin guyz..
Big smile + TOZ