EgypToz: Never use condoms

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Never use condoms

She is happy…and Egypt is happy too…people need to be fed, need to have health care, need to find a place to live, need to be educated, need to find jobs, need to be transported … and babies need to be delivered...and as average life expectancy is rising every year and more people immigrate from other Egyptian cities to Cairo...I am sure we are going to face a much bigger disaster than we have today…the census result is surprisingly not the problem…the problem is in the way we live…we do not want and will not leave the Nile Delta unless we are forced to do that…I can not live in Basata alone...I believe that more than 70 million Egyptians live in 5% of Egypt’s total area…wow…great thing isn’t it…we do not want to think for our future until we forget our past…and present

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