EgypToz: 11

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


لو لم اكن عاهره ، لوددت ان اكون مغتصبه


Hany Mihanny said...

وماله حقك

bent abdelwahab said...

Can you explain to me your last 3 posts :-) including the number titles, and the pictures.
I know that you may not want to explain them or else maybe you'll spoil them, and I know that I am supposed to figure them out on my own, or just forget about them!
I am just so curious!

koukawy said...

و زعلان ان ابنك عمل اللي عمله00
مش المفروض انك تكون قدوه00؟؟؟؟

WS said...


which son are you talking about?
do I have a son?