EgypToz: My life in this country in one sentence

Monday, April 24, 2006

My life in this country in one sentence

Someone asked me once: “Can you describe your life in your country in one sentence?”
I told him: “Living in this country is like being captured in a room with tightly locked windows and being forced to eat your diarrheatic stool to survive the rest of your life.”


Anonymous said...

Why is it always that we remember
The things that we regret
While the things that made us happy
Are the first that we forget?
Why do we have eyes that see all
the wrong
And minds that remember
THe pain for so long?!
Why do we remember dreams
Lost in the past
While dreams that came true
Are forgotten fast?!
Why can't we see
The hope which life brings?
And why can't we look at
The bright side of things?!

WS said...

beautiful poem
pi oh eih en

Thank god for everything
Please forgive me

I will never forget all the beautiful things in my life

Anonymous said...

thanx GOD..that he ate his stool to help 'imself!
!بيفكر و يشغل دماغه!عشان يعيش
Keep eatin!!!

big smile+TOZ