EgypToz: It is hard not to cry

Friday, April 21, 2006

It is hard not to cry

I heard him last summer in Europe…and his voice never came out of my mind…
He is a story of success…he has gone from being a soldier in Kosovo to pallbearer for the Queen in England to a superstar in the U.K. in an amazingly short period of time
Oprah told James Blunt: “I was minding my own business when I got a call and someone said this is something you should hear.”
What a fantastic performance…more than perfection…James Blunt singing his final song (Goodbye my lover) in the Oprah Winfrey Show…he sang with a unique voice, enriched with true feelings and so overwhelming …he was playing piano , singing ,dreaming and crying at the same time…I tried not to cry but I failed...this song is connected with a great loss in my life...I looked to my mother who was watching the show with me…and her eyes were full of tears…the audiences in the show were mesmerized and I think they were crying for sure…his album “ Back to Bedlam “ is a must hear

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