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Friday, April 07, 2006

I am not a spy

The microbus was already full and the boy working in the microbus was taking more and more people...and I do not know if he can see with his eyes...cause the bus was completely full and there was no inch more left for a human being to stand...if we are human I took the camera to take a picture of the condition...and how people were suffering...until a student asked me with anger...why I am taking a picture...he asked me if I am a spy or a detective...I told him why are you taking a picture in the bus...I told him : and why he took the camera of his mobile phone and showed me how brilliantly he can take photos of I smiled...this reaction made him nervous so he kept on taking more and more pictures of me...and I showed him that I am not bothered at all...and I realized now why the act of taking pictures of normal Egyptian people is so unpleasant and unacceptable...because they are not used to see the reality of their is something not appropriate to show


Anonymous said...

Isn't this bad!
Many a time peole will try to convince (threaten) you that it is forbidden to take pictures...mamnoo3, trying to imply that it is illegal!

People have the right to request not to be photographed, but to use made up illegality and accusations of spying as a pretence is pathetic and shows how police-minded we've become.

WS said...

you are 1000000% right...people have the right to request not to be photographed...and that happened to me many times...and I have to respect that and obey...

unfortunately I always have this nightmare in my dreams ... everytime I want to take a picture someone says no...everytime I move another one says no... everytime I take the camera...they take it away from me... everytime they see me with a camera...they punish me

WS said...

Ok...thank you for your advise...sometimes I just feel crazy...but I will try to be more careful