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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I still remember when I first saw the cassette on the shelves back in 1992…and I saw a futuristic image of Egypt…it was so stunning and eye catching …so I bought the cassette although I did not know the band and never heard them in my life…and when I first heard their songs I was moved to an unknown place and time…maybe to the future…the brighter side of it…I felt victory , enthusiasm , optimism and the glory of the coming century… especially in " Voice of America " , " Hard on me " , " Too late " and " Love now till Eternity "…but I lost the cassette after 2 years or so… and never found it again…and while I was downloading some new mp3 songs yesterday I found them again…so I downloaded the songs I liked …I even found other good songs like " Heat of the Moment " … and lived the past again…in the new century…they did not know at that time when they made the album in 1985 that the new century will be full of wars and hatred…full of poverty and suffering…well I hope to see a powerful and intelligent Egypt… the new the imagined illustration… before I die

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