EgypToz: A mind like stone

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A mind like stone

I tried to explain to him that this is dangerous and could lead to accidents …and innocent people could be victims and die … well it started when I took the microbus to go home…and I sat beside the driver…he looked religious because of the big long beard and the way he was dressed…and I was looking from the window until a car drove across the street…and the driver did not see it…so I said “ be careful “ and the driver stopped suddenly to avoid the crash…all the passengers were very anxious …I was relieved…but then I saw what he was doing …he was driving with bare feet ( with no shoes )…holding the Quran with one hand and reading from it while he was driving…I told him that this is not right what he was doing…he asked me if I read the Quran…I told him yes…then he told me that he does not have time to read but only while he is driving the microbus...I told him that in this way he can not concentrate on driving…it is the same like talking with the mobile phone...and that he can make an accident…but he said that god knows our destiny and if something is going to happen it will happen and we can not avoid it…even if I drove with full concentration…but I said that we should do our best and the right thing first and then accept the end result …anyhow he did not listen to me and did what he wanted to do …and I came home safely


Unknown said...

Never heard of driving and reading before so that's a new one. I'm surprised that you're surprised that he was stone headed a lot of Egyptians are at least half my friends are that's for sure.
You coul've told him that you were sure listening to Qur'an would have the same reward and be safer.

WS said...

you are right...but if someone wants to do something...he will do it...I had that feeling while I was talking to him