EgypToz: Help...a sick bird in front of my door

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Help...a sick bird in front of my door

Hey…I am not Dr. Dolittle here…when I came today from college I found this sick bird…I do not know why the bird is sitting in front of my door…may be she has flu…and seeks medical advise…or she saw the mass destruction of her fellow birds and has depression…I do not know what to do with this bird…do I have to call the emergency and the ministry of health to come and get this bird away from my door and disinfect the whole area…then take me and make a full check up examination … or should I try it by myself…or should I wait for days and she will probably fly away…I am confused


The AntiSocialite said...

i had a totally similar experience!! i live in the woods, where the only birds are crows and ducks (ghorabs and battaz, hah), but yesterday, while i was writing something, i heard a HUGE ruckus, and when i went to look, there was a whole flock of hens and chickens hanging out on my porch!! if that is not weird (i live in an apartment complex, for crying out loud!), i don't know what is.

(i think i've decided that the appearance of chickens is a sign from God that the visited person is a genius... ;)

hope your chicken wasn't diseased!

will keep you in my prayers...

WS said...

wow...genius mara wa7da...well the bird is still sleeping...better not to wake her up