EgypToz: She can take that step too

Sunday, February 26, 2006

She can take that step too

An Egyptian girl can also like a guy first …hoping to make him fall in love with her…trying always to be as close as possible to him… she went to most of his concerts …she wanted to see him …to hear his voice…maybe to talk a little with him…cause she is in love…she is a star herself…but that does not matter…she wants always to be with him…and fortunatelly the story had a happy end…he also liked her…fell in love with her…and they are now a beautiful couple…the step does not always have to come from the man…it can also come from the woman…it is not a shame thing to do…if it is in a decent way…I saw them yesterday in "El Bayt Baytak " Hala Shiha ( the Egyptian movie star ) and Hany Adel ( a singer of the Band “ Wust El Balad “-by the way a nice band, I went to two concerts recently, one was in Sakyet Abd El Meneem El Sawy and the other on the grand opening of the new website “ Li-Lak “ and they made all people enjoy their songs- )…I wish them good luck in their life

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