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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Today was the Japanese day…what can I say…well I was walking on the Suicide Bridge going to college when I heard someone screaming…it was a taxi driver…and beside him sat a Japanese teenager…I think it was “ Lost in Translation “ but in Egypt… so I stopped trying to help them…the taxi driver asked me to ask him where he wants to go…so I asked the Japanese boy…well he wanted to go to the airport…but which airport…the new one or the old one…he does not know…I asked him if he was flying with Egypt Air or maybe something else…he said Emirates…so I told the taxi driver who was very angry and-I do not know-maybe hyperactive…he was a religious man having a long beard … and when I saw the taxi driver shouting to the poor Japanese boy I started walking faster…so the Japanese boy opened the door to get out of the hell but …no way out…the taxi driver drove as if he wanted to kidnap the boy …and the Japanese boy was shouting to me with strange words I did not understand…but I think he was asking me to help him from that damn situation…so I stopped again and told the driver that it is not appropriate to behave like that in front of tourists…but when I looked to his face which was going to explode from anger…I stopped…he told me to tell the tourist how much he was going to pay…so the tourist told me 30 pounds…but he begged me not to leave him alone with this man-this terrorist-as he described…I told the driver that he will pay 30 pounds and when I saw the tourist catching to his money pocket I told him not to give him the money until he arrives at the airport…so he thanked me and took the taxi again…good luck Japanese boy…well I hope he arrived safely

After I finished walking the Suicide Bridge I found a Japanese lady trying desperately to find something…so I asked her what she was looking for…she told me she was looking for an internet café because she came yesterday to Egypt and will leave Egypt tomorrow heading to Athena and she has to find this Egyptian man who worked with her in the United states of America…and I think he gave her an e-mail so she wants to send him an e-mail to see him again…she was really a nice lady and she talked with me about her studies in America and that she likes traveling and knowing new people…so I searched with her for an internet café until we found one…but while we were searching all people were looking at me…as if I was doing something wrong or as if I was the tourist…she thanked me and gave me her e-mail…I do not know why…maybe I will meet her one day in Tokyo or something…maybe…who knows

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